Painless Truss Roof Loft Conversion is Possible!


Tired of ducking through that ancient, truss roof loft in your home? Is your family growing? Perhaps the children are gone, and it’s time to make some room for new income? With SM Attics, you can open up your home by converting your truss roof loft into a functional living space. This frees up space for you to expand your horizons-whether that means creating a beautiful living space to rent out, creating space for your small business, or giving the kids room to romp - so you and your home can live up to its fullest potential. Being a small, family-owned business, the Space Maka Built team understands the need for systematic planning and will have your family moving into your new space as soon as possible.

Truss roof loft conversion seems like an intimidating task, but Space Maka Built small and attentive design team makes the process as painless as possible. With an emphasis on modern design and cost-effective planning, we collaborate with you and allow you to live freely in your home while adding thirty percent more living space. Moving to the suburbs for more space can be costly, both emotionally and financially. With our truss roof conversion, you can stay in the city and add a stylish space to your home, allowing you to remain within budget and invest in the value of your home for the future. Say goodbye to those old wooden beams and greet your new loft space and bright future in your home with Space Maka Built .