Skylight/ Roof Windows Installation


Attic conversions and other rooms built into the roof can look stunning when they’re filled with natural daylight. As normal windows obviously aren’t suitable for a room without vertical walls, you can install skylight windows to make the most of the space you have and let in daylight and fresh air.


What Are Roof Windows?

Roof windows are designed to be installed in the slope of your roof. They usually open either with a hinged top or a centre pivot to let in fresh air. Roof windows are usually low enough to be accessible and opened by hand. These windows are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit different homes.


What Are Skylights?

Skylight installation is needed for high windows that are out of reach. Skylights are usually installed to provide light rather than ventilation. They do not usually open. However, it is also possible to buy electric opening skylights that can be operated with a remote control.


Planning Roof Light and Skylight Installation

If you’re planning to install skylights or roof windows, the first step is to decide how many windows you need and where to place them. For small rooms and bathrooms, one window is usually enough. Larger spaces will need more and bigger windows.


When considering placement, be aware of the way the sun falls on your home. North-facing houses receive more sunlight and you’ll want to make sure not to go overboard with the roof windows as this could make the room very hot. You should also consider having window blinds fitted to close the windows from strong sunlight when necessary.


Skylights and roof windows should always be installed professionally. If you’d like advice about the type of windows to install and where they should be placed in the Sydney area, contact Space Maka Built for a home assessment and consultation.