Maximise Living or Storage Space in Your Home with Roof Space Conversion Solutions


Perhaps you and your spouse recently had a second or third child, and your once-spacious home is beginning to feel cramped. Maybe you are just running out of storage space. Or maybe a parent or grandparent is coming to live in your home for a few months. In any case, if you feel as if you are running out of space in your house, now might be the right time for a roof space conversion.


Avoid a Move with Attic Living Space or Roof Space Storage Solutions from Space Maka Built


At Space Maka Built , we help homeowners free up space in their homes by extending their living space (or at least storage space) into their roofs. Most homes have a lot of unused space up in the attic or roof space. Many homeowners never even venture into these spaces, let alone use them. Our business is in attic conversions that can enable you to use that space for practical purposes.


Some homes have attics that are easily accessible and are already set up for storage. More often, though, attics are hidden beyond small hatches in the ceiling that are difficult to reach. Attic spaces, meanwhile, are rarely finished. Instead, modern attics are typically dusty, full of exposed insulation, not wired for electricity and featuring floors that aren’t designed to bear the weight of people or boxes.


Space Maka Built can reverse all these barriers. We focus on converting roof space to storage or living space. This process involves a few different steps. First, we work to make the attic more accessible. The fact is that you are never going to use a space that you can only access by setting up a ladder below the roof hatch in your garage or foyer. We can install pull-down ladders—or even full stairs—up to the attic area, depending on how frequently you plan on using the space.


From there, we will get to work setting up your roof space storage room so that it can safely bear weight. We can put down a basic plywood floor if your only plans for the room involve storage. If you want an extra living space, we can provide more aesthetically pleasing flooring options, as well. The needs of your project will dictate how we proceed. For storage rooms, lining the roof, walling up insulation, adding shelving, installing lighting or even putting in ventilation are all common steps. For living spaces, the renovation work tends to be more in-depth, incorporating windows or roof hatches, adding bathrooms/plumbing and more. Our capabilities at Space Maka Built include all these improvements and many more.


Avoid a Move with Our Conversion Services

The fact is that when most people think they are running out of space in their houses, they actually aren’t. Rather, they just aren’t using all the space at their disposable. At SM Attics, we can help maximise living and storage space with attic loft conversions and roof space storage solutions. If you are tired of wasting all that space up in the roof cavity, give us a call today to strategise a better solution.