Innovative Storage Solutions from Space Maka Built: Transforming Your Attic into a Loft Room for Additional Space


For homeowners whose properties feature an attic, thoughts about the potential that space might have aren't uncommon. Especially when you have a roomy attic, it can seem a shame to let it all go to waste, home to dust, cobwebs, insulation, and little else. Perhaps you've even tried to store things in your attic but found that accessing the space was too difficult or that the conditions weren't right. That doesn't mean you're out of luck, though. At Space Maka Built, we've developed highly functional and even aesthetically pleasing loft storage solutions that could be perfect for your home. Consider that there are also benefits beyond gaining a safe, clean place to store your extra items.


Transforming your loft space with our storage solutions can add value to your home as well. By finishing the attic, you remove many of the less pleasing elements of the space: this transformation solves issues with the darkness, the dust, and even the accessibility problem. Space Maka Built is proud to offer homeowners the opportunity to access this high-value investment in a way that aligns with your goals. What are some of the things we can do to make your loft space suitable for storage as soon as possible?


An exciting way to explore solving space constraints


Functional and aesthetic improvements often go hand in hand when we consider the best loft room storage solutions for a homeowner. Dust control is an important first step, as is putting down flooring that will allow for easy traversal of the space. However, lighting is also important; who wants to climb up into a dark space with a torch every time you need to fetch something? Space Maka Built can install beautiful skylights to let in natural sunlight, or help to provide for electrical lighting to make the space more accessible. The end result is a loft that's perfect for storage, and in a good state for further improvements later if you so choose.


Space Maka Built pledges to do all this with as quickly and with as little disruption to your family as possible. This is part of our effort to create a building experience unlike anything else you've tried. From the initial quote, which is a complete and broken down look at every aspect's cost, to the installation itself, we put our clients first and communicate clearly. Our room construction program details precisely what results we'll deliver and when, while weekly updates keep you in the loop on all progress.


Unlock the potential of your attic with Space Maka Built today

Why let your attic space continue to go unused when it could serve both as an investment and a room of convenience? Explore more of our information about these space conversions. Working on a particular budget? Don't worry — we love a challenge and we'll work to identify the best way to provide you with storage solutions on that budget. To get that conversation started, reach out to us online at your convenience.