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Are You Worried about Basic Loft Conversion Cost? Our Loft Conversion Specialists at Space Maka Built Can Offer Small, Simple Attic Loft Spaces with Huge ROI


Are you thinking about investing in a simple loft conversion for your home’s attic space? If your house is like most residential dwellings, there is attic space up in the roof cavity. In some houses, this attic space is set up for storage. More often, though, it is just there, sitting vacant and collecting dust. A lot of people have lived in homes with attics and never even gone up into them. Imagine what you could do with this extra space if it were set up to be used.


At Space Maka Built, our job is to take attic or roof cavity spaces and convert them into apartments or loft spaces. Our small loft conversions can put entire living spaces—from bedroom/bathroom combinations to offices to living rooms—up into your roof cavity. We can even install stairs or pull-down ladders up into the attic space so that it is easily accessible to you, family members, or guests.


The Benefits of Attic Loft Conversions


Almost every homeowner could benefit from having that extra space. Perhaps you need a place to store stuff that you don’t use every day. Space Maka Built can do attic storage conversions, too—less fancy renovations that nonetheless serve a very valuable function. Alternatively, maybe you need to add a mother-in-law apartment above your garage, or perhaps you are interested in renting out part of your home to vacationers or long-term tenants.


Regardless of your potential uses for a converted attic loft space, there is no doubt that such a renovation can significantly increase the usable space in your home. Depending on a home’s layout and design, up to 30 percent of the home can be in the roof space. Builders and developers often leave this space closed off, inaccessible and unusable. Teaming up with our loft conversion specialists at Space Maka Built can unlock the usable potential of that space, giving you much more room in your home for the same monthly mortgage bill.


Assessing Basic Loft Conversion Cost


Of course, the process of converting an attic space to an attractive loft space involves costs of its own—a factor that discourages many homeowners from undertaking such projects. However, we always encourage our customers to focus less on basic loft conversion cost and more on the potential ROI of an attic living space.


Space Maka Built is based in the Sydney area, which means we are situated right in one of Australia’s most valuable real estate markets. Tenants here are constantly looking for attractive, well-appointed rentals. Being able to turn your attic space into even a basic studio apartment could net you more than $1,000 a month in rental income, almost immediately. Even allowing for the occasional vacancy—and considering the initial investment and the costs of annual upkeep—you can make back your money in two to three years and achieve an almost 1,000 percent ROI over the course of 20 years.


Even if you don’t rent, the ability to use that extra space—to accommodate visitors, to expand as your family grows, or to store excess stuff—can save you from having to move, itself a major expense.

In short, an attic loft conversion can be an incredible investment from the word go. Contact Space Maka Built to start planning yours.