A Party Wall Doesn’t Have to Stop Your Terrace House Loft Conversion


You love your Victorian-style, terrace house but it’s no longer working for you. The challenges of expanding your home seem daunting, and the suburbs are enticing you to call it a day and give up your city life for some extra space. Space Maka Built terrace house loft conversion process eases the worries of having to give up your home and lifestyle while presenting the opportunity for growth financially and spatially. Our attentive and innovative team will walk you through the process of designing a functional space with a personal touch, guiding you through the logistics of working with your neighbours and that party wall.


Being a small family owned business based out of Sydney, Space Maka Built understands the worries of terrace house loft conversion and will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

. Whether you are adding skylights and ladders, or creating a full living space, office, or play area, our team will provide you with personal service and one-of-a-kind results. Your home should be unique, just like you - and we believe in creating spaces that suit your needs and style while making the planning and construction process easy and cost-effective. Terrace house loft conversion can allow you to increase the value of your home while remaining in the city, opening up opportunities for new income through rental space, or giving your family room to grow. Turning that party wall stress into party wall possibility is easy with Space Maka Built .