Ditch the Drop Down, Folding and Pull Down Attic Stairs – Increase Your Home’s Value with Retractable Steps


Owning a home is a huge investment. You expect its market value to rise over time, delivering an awesome return on investment when you decide to sell. However, why wait to sell before you reap its benefits? Take a look at your home and see where opportunities lie to make money and increase its value now. Consider transforming your attic into a fully functional study, living room or bedroom. Get rid of the squeaky pull down attic stairs as well. Visit Space Maka Built to make this happen.


We’re a family-owned attic and loft conversion company who have been in business since 2016. Based in Sydney, we serve the surrounding areas and are one of four trusted attic conversion companies. We believe that every homeowner should take full advantage of their dwelling’s potential. You’re living under a fortune, and until now you may not have known it. You have up to 30% of underused space in your house – let us take that and increase your future financial gains.


Start Increasing Your Home’s Value by Eliminating Those Drop Down Attic Stairs


Now that you realise that your attic can be so much more for you, let’s consider the stairs that lead to it. With today’s technology manual, heavy and noisy drop down attic stairs are no longer necessary. Perhaps the reason you dread going to the attic is because of those stairs? Why strain your back, shoulders, even wrists buy tugging at stairs that could be much more user-friendly? They could be effortless and reliable with just the touch of a button from a remote control or your Bluetooth device.


Our retractable attic stairs are power operated and have a backup battery system. Once your attic has been transformed into a second guest room, games room or even a private art studio, remove the headache of entering that space with retractable stairs that take seconds to drop down. Deal with fewer maintenance calls than traditional folding attic stairs which break down faster in the joints, frame and threads. Make your home safer with power-operated stairs that even some children can use, unlike the bulky pull-down ones.


We also provide options for unobtrusive permanent ladders that are moulded into your homes design and provide options to enable your new room to be used as a functional component of your home without having to operate a pull down or electric ladder.


Our Attic Stairs Deliver Quality and Convenience


The brand we use for our electric attic stairs is Skylark. These stairs are a compact unit, which includes a trapdoor and insulated fixed frame, excellent for preventing drafts. Made of Beech hardwood, not only are these stairs solid and designed to last, but they also complement most aesthetics and will surely match your home. These stairs can be customised to fit the entryway to your attic and have two handrails for safe climbing.


Don’t delay in increasing the value of what is likely to be your biggest asset. Whether you want to make money now by renting out your newly renovated attic, or later through selling, we can offer a no-obligation quote to determine what’s best for your budget and interests. Our prices are competitive and we believe in service that delivers transparency, peace of mind and importantly, results.

Contact us today and discover how much more valuable and useful your attic space can be to you.