Cellar & Basement Conversions

If you have a basement in your home, it can be used to create valuable extra living space without building an extension or changing how your house looks from the outside.

Basement conversion is a more flexible option for creating new living areas than using attic space because it’s closer to the main areas of the house, such as the living room and kitchen, and easier to access.

Basements make great family living spaces and can be used as a kids' playroom, home gym, or as an entertainment and games room. They can also be totally self-contained, so if you add a bathroom and small kitchen, your basement conversion could work well as a small apartment or “granny flat”.


The difference between a cellar conversion and a basement conversion

Both basements and cellars are underground spaces but they aren’t exactly the same. Cellars tend to be deeper, often completely underground. Basements are more likely to only be partially underground.


Cellars are also smaller in comparison to basements. Most were originally used to store wine or coal and they don’t have existing windows or lighting. Sometimes a cellar extends out from the basement or it may be separate from the home.


Both cellar and basement conversions require insulation, running power, and lighting. The difference in space means that you are limited more in what you can do with a cellar than with a basement. Some homeowners convert their cellars into wine cellars, storage space, or a small playroom for their kids.


The options for basement conversions are almost unlimited. You can convert a finished basement into an extra bedroom as a practical way of increasing living space. You can also turn it into a basement cinema, an exercise room, underground car parking, a game room, or a hobby room where you can spend time doing what you enjoy the most!


Adding sub-floor rooms to a new home is something not everyone can afford. If you already have a basement or cellar, conversion is an affordable option that can increase your living space. If you aren’t sure how to make the most of your existing space, give us a call.


Space Maka Built & Cellars are experts in cellar and basement conversions. We can help you with every phase of the conversion process from designing the perfect room for your needs to adding the right details and features.


To talk through your options and find out how much it will cost to convert your basement into a usable living space, get in touch with Space Maka Built . We have years of experience planning and constructing basement conversions in the Sydney area, and can advise you on the best course of action.