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Attic Storage Solutions in Sydney

As your family grows, you may find you’re starting to run out of storage space in your home. There’s no need to clutter up a spare bedroom with items you don’t use very often when the space could be put to better use as an office or guest bedroom. Most homes have a large unused space in the attic, which makes an excellent storage room.


Why Your Attic Needs a Makeover

Attic storage, at its most basic, would be simply putting items in boxes in the cavity space between the roof and the ceiling of the room below. Many people do this, however it’s not an ideal solution.


Most attics are accessible by a small hatch in the ceiling and very difficult to reach. The floor of the attic is also not designed to be stood or walked on and will most likely be covered in insulating material. Most attics aren’t wired into the house electrical system so you’ll need a torch to find your way around. Finally, attics get very dusty. You’ll need to make sure that your items are covered properly when they’re stored.


If you’re planning on storing anything other than your Christmas decorations, which only come out once a year, you’ll need to come up with some better attic storage solutions.


Attic Access

The first step to a better storage solution is to make your attic more easily accessible. The most cost effective way of doing this is by installing a pull-down ladder. For attic spaces that are accessed daily, stairs are highly recommended.


Attic Flooring

To provide a clean space to put your items for storage and to make it safer for you to move around, you’ll need to install flooring. For attics that are used for storage only, aesthetics aren't really an issue so you can go for a low-cost option like plywood.


Attic Storage Space

Other things you may want to consider when transforming your attic space are lining the roof to reduce dust and adding lighting and ventilation. You might want to add shelving to provide a more efficient storage space.


It’s recommended to consult a professional about converting your attic into a usable storage space. At Space Maka Built, we have years of experience in creating attic storage rooms and can work with you to find a solution that meets your budget. Contact us today if you’re in the Sydney area to see how we can help.



Looking for Solutions to Your Space Problem at Home? An Attic Conversion Can Give You All the Room for Storage You Need


Do you have too much stuff? It's a problem that many of us face at home; we accumulate so many items and personal mementos over time that eventually there's simply not enough room for it all. When you have a growing family, these space problems can quickly become apparent as your kids gain possessions, too. Does that mean it's time to consider packing everything up and moving to a larger space? Sometimes, that might be the right move — but if all you're currently lacking is an adequate amount of storage space, you could already have the solution waiting right above your head.


Attic conversions can transform a dim and dusty space into an easily accessible storage space that you can enjoy using. Rather than paying for a self-storage unit every month where your items will be far away from you, you can simply place them out of the way in the attic. At Space Maka Built, we've created an innovative process for creating the most stunning attic room storage solutions available right now. Fuelled by youthful enthusiasm, we don't provide a "cookie cutter" experience. Instead, we connect directly with homeowners like you to understand the best way to transform your space. With that in mind, what are some of the things we'll consider together if you pursue this option?


Three important things to know about attic conversions


First, deciding on an access point is a critical step. When you choose to use your attic space for storage, struggling to bring boxes up and down from the space can lead to underutilisation. When possible, installing actual stairs can be the preferable choice. When space dictates the use of a ladder, though, we have several options we can choose. We could widen the existing access point, or even add an electric ladder to allow for access with a button push.


Next, it's time to consider aspects such as flooring. If you only intend to use the space for storage, something as basic as plywood flooring can be all you need. However, Space Maka Built can easily provide for different flooring choices based on your needs. After that, we can consider any additional changes, like adding a liner to the roof and walls to prevent dust and create a more presentable area. Ventilation and even natural lighting options are a possibility too. We tailor all our attic storage solutions to client desires — so you have the ultimate say over everything.


Let's explore the perfect attic storage solutions for your home together

Options are excellent, but how we get from start to finish is just as important. Space Maka Built is always transparent, with regular homeowner meetings, non-intrusive construction techniques, and a quote process that puts everything out in the open before you ever sign an agreement. Our goal with every client is to provide a fun, exciting, and easy experience as you seek to gain more space in your home. Contact us to find out more about how this solution can be the best choice for your home.